Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Travel month

Heya all,

Sun is shining today, like many other days here, summer time is here but the heat hasn't arrived yet to Melbourne, it's around 20 degrees every day, not much rain, windy and a bit chilly, I won't be complaining more, so I'm quiet :). Looking forward some warmer temperatures soon.

Summer is here, and so are the flowers, with this comes the hay fever too :(

Well to be honest November month has been full of travellings. Will try to write it all down here below :)

Beginning of month was spent on Tassie, finished the Overland Track with Mick by Lake St Clair on the 1st and next day we went on a long day walk around Mount Rufus for 7 hours. Spent 2 days in Hobart before flying back to Melbourne on Saturday 5th.

Yep, snow on the top of Mt Rufus, Tasmania - November 2, crazy weather with rain, hail, snow and sunshine during the day, I guess Tassie is just like Melbourne ... not so predictable

Shadow Lake, on the way down from Mt Rufus back to Lake St Clair

One of my best pictures from Tassie, did a drive from Hobart heading south along the highway and found this spot off the main road - it's just amazingly beautiful and peaceful and I still remember the smell of cows

Did a daywalk with the club, MUMC, on Sunday Nov 13 to the Cathedral Ranges, did the northern circuit walk, around 14 km with some scrambling involved. Krissie was the leader and it was a really good walk, hot and sunny and at the end it was pouring down with rain. Had a great dinner in Healesville on the way back to the city. Thanks Krissie for organising this walk!

All the 12 of us happy daywalkers, scrambling along the Cathedrals, happy the rain came when we were off the rocks, November 13

Went to see Kings of Leon on Monday Nov 14 at Rod Lavern Arena (the big tennis arena which is transform to a big music concert arena). The music was good but the band wasn't so good, they were too focused on themselves and not on the audience and the music ... anyway I'm happy I went and thanks Charmaine for selling the tickets to me :)

During the weekend of Nov 18-20 I was in the city, had a quiet weekend with yoga, running and visited "my"Swedish family in Werribee. Had a good time with the family and kids and I guess I'm still not too old to give Oden and Savanha a piggy ride :)

Last weekend of November me and Mick flew to Brisbane on Thursday evening to attend his brothers wedding in Noosa on Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful wedding in a hot church, sunny weather and with lovely guests. Have now met the whole Buckley family and I like them all (and I'm always honest as you all know). Reception was great with delicious food and cake was yum yum too :). I liked Noosa, even if I don't like big touristy places, but the atmosphere was good and people were polite and nice and not to forget the sunny weather. Had a hot uphill run to Noosa Heads National Park on Sunday morning before we left for Brisbane, amazing views along the running track with the ocean next to me, wish I could run there every day. Had a well derserved jump into the pool afterwards and a big aussie breakfast :)

Me and Mick outside the church in Noosa, next to us the bride and groom's car which we took for a drive the next day along the coast, felt like I was a movie star haha :)

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