Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Busy and hectic first month of 2011

New year and new challenges ... 2011 here I come!
After a very busy and stressy month I´m happy that January is gone ... in a good way.

Phillip Island - 3rd Jan

First week of Jan was relaxed, enjoyed my time off from work to the 4th. On NY-day I took off with some climbing friends (Jacinta, Mick and Roger) to the Cathedrals and Phillip Island. I didn´t do any climbing by the Cathedrals, but I did some surfing on Phillip Island, so fun! Will definetly do it again. Got back home on the 3rd.
Attended my first wake on Saturday the 8th, talked a lot to Egg´s brother, baked 2 apple pies, was social, sad and happy at the same time ...

Second week of January started in an easy way, 2 birthdays at work, my manager and mine, lots of chocolate and sweets haha. My b-day was a good one, work during the day and went to Victoria Night Market after work with some colleagues (Diana, Cynthia and Annie). Good sangria and crepés, and good after market drinks in Windsor with Mick!
Rest of week activities were; running in pouring rain for 90 min, ice skating in Docklands, pool party in Hampton at Helen´s place, my own birtday and sponsorship party by the Melbourne Bowling Club and pool party in Caulfield.

Pool party in Hampton at Helen´s place on Saturday

Birthday party - playing lawn bowling

My Swedish family in Melbourne - Savanha, Oden, Ida and Fredrik

Third week of Jan was very busy and stressy, too much to do at work (which is good), started on my sponsorship paperwork on Monday with the migration agency, started my Spanish intensive lessons for 3 weeks and 3 times a week, did a long run which I so needed, finished my visa paperwork on Friday after a chasing week with my previous employers in Sweden (they did a good job and helped me), went to a tennis party in St Kilda on Friday evening with lots of Swedish people - had good fun there with Mick, Dev, Danni - talked to Sofie Arvidsson (one good Swedish tennis player who played in the Australian Open this year). Went out to Werribee on Saturday and stayed there to Sunday evening. Played with kids and went with them to Adventure Park in Geelong on Sunday ... I was a kid during the whole Sunday haha :) Good times and good memories!

Tennis party in St Kilda - here with Dev, Mick and me

Tennis party in St Kilda - me and Sofia Arvidsson :)

Adventure Park in Geelong - with the whole group, 23 Jan

Fourth and last week of Jan I continued with my Spanish classes, went to see Tieto Puente Junior on Australia Day (26th Jan) where I danced some salsa. Saturday was a busy day with 2 pool parties, one in the city and one outside the city. My Swedish friend Sara had a farewell party .... sad to say goodbye to her...
Mark from MUMC had a fence paiting,BBQ and pool party by his parents house in Ivanhoe. Yep, I did paint some of the fence, but didn´t go into the pool, too cold for me ...
On Sunday I went to Brighton Beach with Mick, so hot and nice weather, over 35 degrees. Afternoon was spent at the Windsor Castle pub with Mick and his friends, celebrating his 31st birthday.

Tito Puente Junior in Melbourne - 26th Jan, Sydney Meyer Bowl

Dancing at Tito Puente Jr concert :) - I look so happy!

Sara´s farewell-pool party - 29th Jan

Me with the girls on Mick´s birthday drinks by Windsor Castle pub - 30th Jan